Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Saving Time in Gmail Part III: The power of a plus sign!

Did you know that you can add words to the end your gmail address with a plus sign?  That means that if you are FakeAddress@gmail.com, you can be FakeAddress+fake@gmail.com, and you'll still get your e-mail!

At first glance this may seem unexciting.  Why would somebody add something to their address?  I use it as another way of sending out canned response to deal with particular issues.

For example, on food day at work, people may want the recipe of the item you brought.  You may or may not have that information available right then.  To avoid this, and get them the information they want easily and quickly, consider setting up canned response and using filters to send your canned response to people who request your recipe.

Here's how I used this technique for my favorite soup recipe!  If you want a copy of it, e-mail CWildmanZoer+soup@gmail.com and you should get an auto response shortly.

Here's how you set it up.  First, set up your canned response.  Here's some information on how to do that.

Next, set up your filter so that anybody who e-mails your + address gets the canned response.  I walk you through how to do that in the video below:

What other applications can you use adding + to your address for?  Some people use it to filter out potential spam when they sign up for a mailing list or new account.

One guy uses it to share his wifi password with babysitters.

What will you use this information for?  I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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