Monday, December 8, 2014

Saving Time in Gmail Part II: Taking Canned Responses up a NOTCH!

Here's yet another way to save time in Gmail, particularly if you're getting the same types of e-mails over and over.

I showed you how to do canned responses.  Did you know that, using filters, you can make sure those canned responses go out automatically to people who fit a certain criteria?   You will not even have to click a button.

This solution is a bit more complex than making a canned response, so I'm going to let the Google Gooru handle it.  Here's a great video giving step by step directions on how to make this happen:

I made one that you can check out.  Simply e-mail me at CWildmanZoer (at) gmail (dot) com. Put Canned Response in the subject line.

As long as you follow those directions, you'll get an e-mail back from me with some information.  It was quick to put together, and will be responding to e-mail for me 24 hours a day as long as it meets the criteria!  Try it- and if you have questions I have not answered, feel free to ask them in your e-mail.  I'll get back to you. :)

I hope you found this helpful, and I look forward to hearing about how you use it.

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