Monday, November 24, 2014

Saving Time in Gmail: Canned Responses

If you use Gmail and find yourself frequently answering the same question, consider using canned responses. Canned responses are a great way to save time answering the questions you get asked over and over and over and over.  Here's how:

Be sure that you have canned responses turned on in Gmail.

Go to the gear and click on settings:

Click on Labs and look for Canned Responses.

Be sure to Enable the Canned Responses.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom and save your changes!

Once you have your changes saved, you can make your canned response.  Start by opening a new message and then writing your response.  Once you are done, click the triangle at the lower right hand corner and select canned responses.

Select New Canned response and name your response.  Be sure to think through the name- you want it to make sense to future you!

You're done!  Your response is now ready to use.

To use the response, open up an e-mail.  It can be a brand new one or a response to an e-mail that you've been sent.  Go to the same triangle to get to your canned responses, look under insert, and select the one you've already named.  Click on it. It will insert in the message.

You now know how to add canned message. I hope that this helps save you time in the future!

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