Friday, November 21, 2014

Crayolas vs oils?

 A professional's take on the iPhone camera

Like the author of this article, I love all things Apple, including the iPhone and iPad.
However, I cringe when my students equate portraits we study to the selfies they take on their smartphones. So I am somewhat torn on this professional photographer's perspective.

At any rate this author argues that the iPhone is transforming the way we look at the world. We can communicate and stretch ourselves creatively. That is excellent. And, with Apple's roots in education, it is one more great tool for education.

But then he posits that it is not a replacement for a truly professional piece of equipment. He has many good points but he comes off as a bit of a snark and snob.

The article just ends without any great conclusions,  but it is worthwhile to read the comments and their take on his views as well.

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