Friday, January 10, 2014

Only want part of a Youtube video?

Use Tubechop to "chop" Youtube videos down to size

Ever see a great part of a Youtube video? I mean, that section was great, but the rest isn't really what you're looking for, or the whole thing is just too long? Well, now you can chop them down to size, and embed them, share them, or post the link it creates for you. 
 Here's how it works... 

Once at the website, type in the video or topic you're looking for at the top. Then, you have 2 options for chopping. Option 1: Use the sliders to choose the points to start and finish chopping. Option 2: Type in the minutes and seconds for the final chops right into the counters below the video picture.


Once you have made your chop selection, the length will be indicated on the bottom-right below the video picture. If all is well, click “chop it” at the bottom.

Your segment will be chopped for you, and you will be shown several choices of what to do with your tubechop.

Have fun!

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