Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Using Storify in Canvas

Looking for a new and exciting way to present related articles, videos, blogs, and images over a particular topic? Would you like to have one link in your modules where students can access all of these Internet resources with one click? If so, you may want to check out a great App that works beautifully in Canvas called Storify.

What is Storify?
  • A user-friendly way to make the web tell a story
  • Helps you make sense of all the "noise" on the Internet
  • Brings together scattered media into a coherent narrative
  • Editable even after you publish; keeps your stories up to date and relevant
  • Build your own Storify or select from a wide variety of published Storifys
  • Instructors can put together a current and comprehensive story to provide emphasis on a particular topic, public figure, geographic local, etc....
  • A different and much more interesting way for students to present research
  • Provides 'one-stop shopping' for supplemental learning media
How to incorporate Storify in Canvas
  • Add a direct link to your modules by using the External Apps feature in Canvas
  • Embed it to a wiki page using the embed code provided for each storify
Take a look at a great example where articles are shown with notes added prior to the article:

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