Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Easy way to enliven your Instructional Material

Looking for a new way to present information to your students? Tired of the same ol' PowerPoint or Lecture Notes that you use over and over again? With FlipHTML5 you can still use your tried and true instructional material but present them more like an e-Book in your online course.

Step 1: Download for FREE the FlipHTML5 software at You can download the program for free by selecting the appropriate buttons. Here is what the Free version provides:

  • FlipHtml5 Logo
  • 100 publications per month
  • Pre-designed templates
  • 10GB Host
  • Up to 50 MB per document
The various paid versions start at Pro Version for $15/month; Platinum Version (shown as the best deal) for $299/year or all the way to the Enterprise Version where you can pay a onetime fee of $999 and have it forever. I will demonstrate the FREE version!

Lecture Notes

Once you have the software downloaded, simply follow the instructions to add a new book and upload your PDF file so you can convert it to a digital book. Keep in mind your PDF must be less than 150 MB. Once you have uploaded your pdf, you can choose from a few templates and themes with the free version. This can then be embedded into a page in your online course!

There are a few fun ways your students can use the eBook. They can zoom in on a graphic to get a better look, they can print the book, and they can do a keyword search.

PowerPoint Presentations

If you want to convert your PowerPoint Presentations into an eBook, you will first want to change the orientation of your slides to Portrait. This will give it more of a book look. You may have to do some editing so that all your images and text are aligned correctly.

One more can place your e-books on different Bookcases in FlipHTML5 and you can actually embed an entire bookcase into your Canvas course! Your students can click on any of the eBooks in the bookshelf to view. (This is just an image of my bookshelf and is not active.)

Since you are embedding, any changes you make in the Flip HTML5 will change automatically in your course(s) as well. 

I bet you can think of lots of fun ways to incorporate this handy and FREE tool into your online or web enhanced course! Download the free software and create some eBooks! I hope you leave a comment letting us know how you and your students like this tool!

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