Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Strategies for Student Success in Online Learning

What is the number one reason why students take courses online? I'm sure you have heard a lot of different reasons, but I bet the number one reason would be due to flexibility. That is the main reason why I like teaching online! I always said it's great to be able to teach in my PJs and bunny slippers with a glass of wine nearby!

However, that convenience can come with a price, right? How many students end up finding they are behind because they procrastinate or fail to really get engaged in the learning process?

The following lists the strategies found in Five-step Strategy for Student Success that you can share with your students and help them learn to be "self-directed".
  1. Read the syllabus (no kidding..right?) But more than that...the author provides details on how to make the syllabus work for the student!
  2. Plan weekly study times - it can be difficult juggling all the reading and posting and all those other assignments. Time management is critical!
  3. Log into the course home page at least 3 times a week - bet you didn't know that one!! 
  4. Ask Questions!!!! The stuff dreams are made of!
  5. Make connections with fellow students - it's all about building that learning community.
Take the time to read completely through this short article and you will also find some recommendations on how you, as the educator, can "give the learner the responsibility of learning".

These strategies all make perfect sense to us as educators, but we can't expect all our students to automatically understand and then eagerly embrace them. Ask your students to try just one or two and perhaps at the end of the semester, have them share how it went for them. Great extra credit opportunity! They could even put together a Pecha Kucha presentation about it!! But that's an earlier blog of mine.

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