Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SpeakIt by Google

I like to follow Google's latest developments, and recently I found out about Google's new speech-to-text feature.

This newest feature is so easy to use and I think it would be extra helpful to foreign students who need to better understand the English language. All you have to do is highlight the text that you need read to you, click on the icon for the feature, and it will start reading the text to you. It works great on most Websites, and the text is read to you by a computerized voice.

SpeakIt is the name of this feature, and can be downloaded for free from the Google Chrome web store.


Mikayla S. said...

I think that this is pretty interesting. I think this tool would be a useful tool for those who have a difficult time reading. Hearing this computerized voice as you follow along with the words would be a great way to learn pronunciation, as well as seeing the word at hand. This would be great for teachers as well as their students.

Lori Goode said...

This feature sounds neat. I like the idea of being able to highlight the text that you want to have read. This tool would be great to use for students who are slower readers or who have a hard time retaining information after they have read it; especially if they lack in fluency and it sounds too choppy. I like the idea of having it be read to foreign students as well. I'm curious though if it translates, I will have to check into that.

Jenna Rollins said...

I think this is a great idea even to have in the Special Education classroom for the students who have difficulties reading and comprending what they have read. I really like the idea of highlighting the important text for the students.

Misty Miller said...

This is a very cool tool. This could even help with speech impediment too. I will be sure to keep this tool in mind for the future. This could be very helpful in the classroom for all ages.