Friday, October 7, 2011

Fair use

This blog post of NPR's Hearing Voices highlights several articles and workshops on Fair Use including one by Google/Youtube.
If you have worked with music, design or any kind of media professionally, you probably know that the master protector of their own work is Disney Studios. It is risky to use the simplest use of black circles to represent mouse ears without triggering the Disney watchdogs. With that in mind, you should take a few minutes to watch the tongue-in-cheek video compiled of microclips of Disney movies describing Fair Use.

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myrrhkdoe said...

This video was pretty hilarious and EYE OPENING. The control of a great idea, keeping others from using and improving on genius is ultimately it's kryptonite. Understand, Disney (Pixar) makes great films and it's ultimately their decision as to what is done with their creation. Like all awesome ideas or revelation, it's up to the hearer to release it to the world and let their ideas be tinkered with and more greatness come. I think that the love of money is the culprit here.