Thursday, September 29, 2011


First of all I have to give Mark Jarvis credit for finding this cool tool!
I have wanted to share this since I first heard about it. Even though I haven't had a chance to use it with my class (and Art Appreciation would be a really good opportunity), I encourage you to go out and check it out for yourself.

As the name implies, Fakebook is a 'fake' Facebook. Users (students and instructors alike) can go in and create profiles of people, events and organizations, along with images, posts, links, profiles, friends and other Facebook-type tools. The website includes a 90-second or so tutorial, and an archive so that you can browse.

It's not as superficial as it might sound. Any profile would take some research, demanding both critical and creative thinking skills.

As a new and free site (except, of course, for the Premium option) Fakebook is a little rough and the examples in the archive are not well developed, but I think it holds great promise as an engaging tool for higher ed students. With the possible exception of math, most subject areas could integrate a project using Fakebook, with significant engagement with course objectives.

If you do take a look, let us know what you think!


gstueven said...

I think this is a very good idea. Fakebook could be very useful in grating in the classroom. I agree Math couldn't be put into this assignment;however, many other subjects can be in putted into this assignment. I would use this if i decide to teacher and older age group.

Hailey said...

I love this idea. It would help me learn the names of my students, and what they like so Its easier to talk with them in class, and to relate what I teach to what they enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a "social network" type of site but I am not sure that Facebook is exactly the place for it in a classroom setting. I watched the tutorial and it does look pretty neat, however I think that the Edmodo site ( is an even better solution for this concept. I am not sure how privacy works on the Fakebook site but I know the Edmodo site is very restricted and seems very safe for younger students (possibly even for older elementary students).

Mariah.Potts said...

I looked into 'Fakebook' and 'Edmodo' and think both are a fabulous idea! I also think using blogs as journals is a great idea, especially in an English classroom which is what I will be teaching. I would need more time with Edmodo to fully understand it, but, after watching the tutorial, I really like what Fakebook has to offer. Students are required to write research papers over people from the past in several different classes. Of course, the paper would still be required but Fakebook would be a great way to get them into the paper and really look for information to make their profile realistic. Absolutely love this idea!

Nathan Stevens said...

This would be a fantastic idea for when I needed a substitute - I could post the link to "Fakebook" in the kids' classes on Edmodo (that they check daily at school) and the group / partners would be responsible for doing some research on the topic before creating their page. (I was thinking it might be fun to anthropomorphize cell parts/organelles and have them 'interact' with each other on the Fakebook pages).

Nathan Stevens said...
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