Tuesday, October 19, 2010


TypeItIn is a great little tool that can save you lots of time. TypeItIn allows you to quickly create "buttons" of text you use repeatedly. Just right click the TypeItIn floating tool (like the graphic) and select New Button. Name the button, type the text you wish the button to enter and save. The text will be entered where your cursor is in virtually any application whenever you click that button. You can create groups of buttons to keep your buttons organized.

I have tried TypeItIn in ANGEL discussions, email, assignment comments, gradebook comments, etc. and it works great. You can also use it in Office. If you grade papers using the comments in Word, simply click the appropriate button to enter the text in the comment field.

Unlike many of the tools we mention in this blog, TypeItIn is not free. It is $20, but give it a try free for 30 days and I am betting you will buy it.

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