Thursday, October 21, 2010

Add a "Print This Page" Button

In order for students to easily print your syllabus and other course pages in ANGEL, you may want to add a "Print This Page" button. This is an easy process and allows you or the student to print the entire page by simply clicking the button.

Steps to Add a "Print This Page" button to an ANGEL page:
  • Navigate to the ANGEL page that you wish to add the "Print This Page" button to.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click the Source icon.
  • Type the following tag in front of the code on the page.
    Note: you will not be able to copy the code from this blog. You must type it in. Once you have typed the code, however, you can use the copy and paste for other pages.

    • Save.
    • You should see: 
        Note: You may need to refresh your page or clear the cache to see the changes.


        Catherine Zoerb said...

        Great tip! Thanks!

        ~Catherine Zoerb

        lwapelhorst said...

        Glad you like it, Catherine.

        dejavaboom said...

        It works! (Took me a while to figure out the source button was the same thing as my html button.)