Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tablet Computers

We have been giving a lot of real estate on the blog recently to the new tablet PCs. One of the reasons is because these gizmos are tomorrows answer to college textbooks and access to the LMS. We are aware of two companies that offer double screen products so that a student can have an ebook open on the left and the internet on the right. You can check them out below…they are cool…but not quite there yet. Too heavy, expensive and bog down in heavy traffic.

I read an article this week (sorry, I can’t find the link) that answered the question, why do I need a tablet? The one answer that really resonated with me is that this generation’s tablet is the last generation’s coffee table book. Think of it, when you want to know something you don’t need to boot up the computer and wait 5 -10 minutes. Just pick up the tablet off the coffee table, turn it on, click the browser button and you are ready to search. It is quick, easy and right at your fingertips. I love my iPod Touch and use it daily, but the text is so small it is somewhat frustrating…but not with the new tablets.

Check them out. Which one is right for you?

A comparison metric of these top four products can be found here. Which one will find its way under your Christmas tree this year (OK, it is not even the end of October...but it's never too soon to wish!)

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