Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Listen Current

Here is a very cool websiste that provides a large variety of articles along with audio clips of current events that you can use in your course. You can access the NPR audio clips from the Current Events tab. Upon selecting a current event, you will get a short summary, a list of Listening Comprehension Questions you can use and even some Classroom Discussion Themes.

If you also want to grab the embed code to add to your course online, click on the "Listen to the Story" link and you will get the video plus a short article. Once you click on "Listen to the Story" one more time, the NPR Media Player" pops up and you can grab the embed code for the audio clip!

By selecting the "Lessons" tab, you can search through lessons in Science, Social Studies and ELA. You get an audio clip, a list of Listening Comprehension Questions and easily assign a Socrative Assessment for the story.

All of this is free. However, Premium Features include more helpful tools such as a Lesson Plan, Customizable Assignments and Classroom Activities.

To check it out, go to and sign up for free!

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