Monday, February 3, 2014

Will MOOCS Doom Online Education?

One question I get from people when they find out I am involved in online education is "Don't you worry that MOOCS will make you irrelevant?"

The idea of MOOCS is certainly intriguing.  MOOCS stand for Massively Open Online Courses.  They are built so that there can be unlimited students in it.  They are usually free for students to take, although they do not have any college credit affiliated with them.  As an instructional technologist, I have spoken to people who who are surprised that we have caps on the number of students we can take in our classes- their idea of online learning was MOOC style. 

Here's a great infographic on MOOCS that explain why I personally think that MOOCS will not take over the current online education model, although I think they are an interesting experiment.  Education is not attainable to many, many people in the world, but MOOCS have a substantial failure rate.

What's your take on MOOCS?

To MOOC, or not to MOOC

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