Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Students CAN embed code in Canvas!!

As a follow-up from my last blog post on Storify, this post will guide you in helping your students learn how to embed code as a submission to an assignment or a discussion in Canvas. It doesn't have to be specifically for a Storify presentation...any embed code will work.

Why would you want students to embed code vs just including a link? Well, because it's cool!! Okay, it's also more professional, easier to view and to grade (you don't have to click on a link and be taken out of Canvas) and encourages more technology learning for our students.  Face it, digital skills are job skills! Finally, for those of you who are web enhancing a f2f class, students can embed their presentations to an assignment and then easily access it during class!

Take a look at the video below that guides students in how to embed code to an assignment or dropbox. This video is also posted in the Palette, so you can copy it and paste it to a page in your course(s)! Yes...the embed code should copy over!

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