Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adjusting Quizzes in Canvas

Unlocking, Adding Extra Time & Attempts To Quizzes In Canvas

Students need extra time or need access outside the scheduled time? No problem. Adjustments are easier than you might think.

Adding extra attempts and time to quizzes is easy in Canvas. Start by going to “Quizzes” or just click on the quiz link in your modules. Once on your quiz’s page, click Moderate This Quiz on the right. That will get you this screen--minus the markings :)  Notice the “edit” pencil in the yellow highlight. For particular students, click their corresponding pencil.

For all students, clicking the very top box under Moderate Quiz is most efficient (see red arrow below). This will check all boxes at once and give you an option at the bottom of the list of names to change all at once (blue arrow).

Either way, once the selected student(s) are chosen, options for extra time and attempts are shown. Also shown is the option to merely unlock the quiz for another attempt. Unlocking a quiz makes it available to the student(s)  REGARDLESS OF AVAILABILITY OR DUE DATES. A student may need this if the student is going to be unavailable and needs the quiz ahead of time, or following some life issue needs the quiz opened after the due date . Once you’ve made your changes, hit “save.”

Once changes are made, icons will indicate you edited some things. Extra time and attempts will show under student(s) name(s). An open lock will appear next to the “edit” pencil if unlocked.

That’s it, no worries.  Just open your quiz page > Moderate This Quiz > Edit (pencil) > Save.  Now, on with the rest of your life :) .

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