Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Perpetual Learner

Today, the Huffington Post posted an article from the blog of Tom Teicholz about the ways Online Learning is empowering people to become perpetual learners at any age. I love the idea of this, not just because I am admittedly biased, but because it opens so many possibilities for so many. Personally, I would love to take more Art Appreciation courses for fun. I teach business courses, which I love, but a big reason for that is that I have no apparent artistic skills. But I loved my Art History courses in college and go to every major art museum in range when I travel. I also plan to brush up on some of my outdated technical skills since every job needs them these days. Now that I work at Butler Online and get to see all that is available to me, I have started a little "bucket list" of courses I would love to take.  

What courses do you want to take?

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