Friday, August 10, 2012

iPad Apps for Educators!

I recently got an iPad. I love it. I have visions of all the wonderful things I will do with my iPad, but searching for apps takes time. So that is why I am a teeny bit addicted to articles that tell me about great apps because it saves me some disappointment. This morning I found an article that highlights great apps for educators, so I wanted to share this knowledge with you!

Also, if you know of some great educational apps, we would love to hear from you. Has anyting particularly helped you with teaching online or are you excited about trying something new this fall?

Great iPad apps:


Shanna said...

My #1 app is Dropbox, I sync files from my iPhone, iPad, work computer, and home computer all the time. I also share folders/files with others using dropbox (especially pictures with family).

I also like splashtop remote desktop - It's cheaper than LogMeIn for accessing your desktop remotely.

Kristin Trask said...

I love DropBox! I wish I would have known about it 2 years ago when I taught on 2 campuses. Would have saved me a lot of mental angst worrying where my jumpdrive was. :o)