Tuesday, April 24, 2012

C2C takeaway

A shout out to the great presenters at the Spring CDC Symposium in Hutchinson last Friday!
While it is still fresh in my mind, I want to mention some of the quick takeaways we got from Anibal Pacheco, the champion of the latest in opensource applications.

I didn't realize that there were so many great things in browser, Firefox in particular add ons and plugins.
Speed Dial gives you direct access to your most frequently visited sites  - sort of a cross between LiveBinder and the Bookmark toolbar.
QR Link Maker is an addon that generates QR codes for webpages, an embedded image,or a selection of text from a webpage
I like the looks of Mozbackup, a backup utility for Firefox user information, including bookmarks and passwords that you can use for restoring, or using on a different/new computer, but I was a bit hesitant since it comes from Eastern Europe.
As I get a chance to reflect and check out a few more of his picks, I will let you know what I think.

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