Friday, November 4, 2011

Voices of a Generation: Students Speak Out

In September 2011, Ann Curry hosted Education Nation's first student panel discussion, "Voices of a Generation". Young people provided insight into what they think needs to be done to ensure that every student receives a world-class education. Click "Voices of a Generation: Students Speak Out" to view the video. Some of the student comments included:
  1. Us youth love all the new technologies that come out. When you acknowledge this and use technology in your teaching it makes learning much more interesting.
  2. We appreciate when you connect with us in our worlds such as the teacher who provided us with extra help using Xbox and Skype
  3. I have to critically think in college, but your tests don't teach me that. 
  4. We learn in different ways at different rates.
  5. I can't learn from you if you are not willing to connect with me.
  6. Teaching by the book is not teaching. It's just talking.
  7. Every young person has a dream. Your job is to help bring us closer to our dreams.
  8. We need more than teachers. We need life coaches.

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