Monday, March 14, 2016

Crash Course!

I found Hank and John Green a few weeks ago as I was developing a workshop for using humor online. They are well known vloggers who have a TON of videos out there. Most notable for higher education is the series Crash Course.
These are 5-7 minute videos on a wide range of subjects appropriate to many gen ed courses. Not that you can substitute any of these for more direct approaches but they make a humorous break, particularly for intimidating or otherwise dreaded subject matter. Subjects include: philosophy, US history, World History, government, economics, chemistry and anatomy and physiology.
This guys come across so completely laid back and knowledgeable, that they make for great fun even if you aren't taking notes for that next test. Reminds me of something that the Mental Floss folks might do.

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NathanSwink said...

Cool! I have come across videos by these two before, but did not know where to go to find the archive! A definite bookmark for teachers of all types!