Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drive Instruction With Digital Badges

Is digital badging the future of digital learning?

Currently, I'm developing a professional development course titled, Gamify Your Canvas Course. This course walks faculty through the process of creating their own digital badges for their students. I'm doing this because I often find myself motivated by a simple token or digital badge. I think of this as the trophy room on the PS4 or Xbox. Most games are filled with rewards and digital tokens you can unlock.

The big questions will be, Will this gamification of courses catch on with online faculty? Do employers care if job applicants have digital badges? This article highlights that digital badging should start in professional development first. What are your thoughts?

Digital badging have 5 features:

  1. Badging requires demonstrating understanding and implementation of a target content or skill. 
  2. Badging provides recognition and motivation. 
  3. Badging allows for knowledge circulation among teachers.
  4. Badging can be tracked and assessed.
  5. Badging is a scalable enterprise.


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