Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Creating music playlists for the right task?

I enjoy listening to music while working but never thought of creating specific playlists for certain tasks while working. In the below image, you can match your type of task with the type of music. This is based on research although individual experience may vary. Everyone that knows me, knows I'm not that far from a cup of coffee when working on projects. Even as I type this I'm sipping on java.

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Larry Bell said...

This article showed me how to integrate music listening appropriately to work, academics, mood, and intellectual efforts. There are those moments where I am attempting to drown out internal and external distractions and working to focus through the use of music. However, I have failed due to not identifying the right sound, song, or tunes in order to accomplish this task. This is what this article did for me. It offered me the opportunity to be a "DJ" in a learning environment. Students want to listen to music. They want to use it as a tool for their learning process but the question is how. This blog offered that by associating beats per minute, sounds, and types of music to assist in very specific tasks.