Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Take the Windows Clipboard to an all new level!

The copy and paste feature in Windows is a great tool. Especially when you are creating your SALSA Syllabus template in Canvas. It sure beats typing in all that information. However, as many of you at Butler Community College have come to realize, it's still labor intensive to navigate back and forth between your digital syllabus to copy text and then go back to your SALSA template to paste it.

Well, with ClipX, you can copy and retain 1,024 items instead of just one! Yes, you can actually copy the different sections of your syllabus and then when you have copied it all, you can navigate to your SALSA template and select each piece of information to paste in. There are other free downloads that can do the same, but I found this one was very easy to use, and I like easy!!

Take a look at the example below. I have copied several items and when I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V, the clipboard window appears with all my items I've pasted, with the most recent on top. Then, I just click on the item I want pasted in and that's it!

Check out a review from Softonic and access the free download. I've tested it and think it's the bombdiggety! However, if you use another multiple copy/paste tool, let us know about it!

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