Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Creating Custom Search Engines

Ever tire of students using lackluster sources with questionable information?


Create your own search engine...

                                which will only access your choice of quality websites and webpages.

In our day of access to so much information, students need the subjectivity of caring, knowledgeable teachers more than ever

In your custom search engine (CSE), you can add or remove whenever you like, customize the view, and even name it yourself. Publish the link, and students can "Google it" the sites you trust. Creating your own CSE ensures students can access quality information without being distracted by those on the web who only think they know what's up ;) Or, at least you can choose solid sources with differing opinions on the item at hand.

I saw the instructions on a blog and thought I would share it here. The video is better than the slides. 

Here's how:

Have fun and search well...

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