Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Web Enhanced classes (student's point of view)

Looking to keep students interested?

Web Enhancing your course may be the way to your students hearts. <3

As a second year online student I have gotten very accustomed to working in Canvas; on homework, checking my grades and getting in touch with instructors when necessary.

 I find it extremely helpful when teachers make a tab of useful resources such as data-banks and an online version of the book. I also like when teachers add a link to the Butler Library resources for the certain class I'm in. It helps a lot  when trying to write a paper, you open the link, and you're directed to anything that relates to the course you're in.

My biggest pet peeve is when a teacher tells you they post something and then you can't find it. So, maybe some video tutorials would be helpful. I am a hands on learner so giving videos of how to do something would make it easier for me to learn how to do them. I could just follow along with the video and email the instructor if I get confused. On the plus side it makes it feel like the instructor actually cares and took time to explain the topic to me as a student instead of, "here, read this then do it." 

I would greatly appreciate it if the instructors could come up with some sort of study help or link for the students. It could contain practice quizzes, flashcards, and summaries of chapters we are discussing. Another thing I would find really useful is if my online instructors set up a web conference once a week where students could choose to join if they have any questions for that week's assignments; that way we as students could actually talk through our issue face to face with the instructor.

 I think these things would greatly improve the online learning experience and would help keep students interested and less confused while working through their classes. 

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