Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free use of Art/Artifact Images

Would you like to use images with the assurance that you have the rights to use them? Take a look at Museum of New Zealand website. They over over 30,000 images of art and artifacts that you can download and re-use for free.

When you can search for an image, I would suggest making sure you click the option to search for only downloadable images. This will save you from scrolling through a lot of "Image not available" pages!

Once you find the image you want to use and click on it, you will see information about the image such as medium, materials, classification, etc. You can find out more about how an image is licensed by clicking on the download button.....

......which will take you to the next page where you can review the copyright information and attribution information. 

You now have an image you can insert into a powerpoint or even a page in Canvas. The website is Check it out by clicking on this link to go directly to the website: Museum of New Zealand Online Collections.

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