Monday, October 28, 2013

Save Time Using Signatures in Outlook

 Are there e-mails that you find yourself typing over and over and over? In my day job and in my teaching, I find that I often get requests for certain information on a regular basis.

 I used to respond to each e-mail by taking the time to compose a new one with each request. The result was using a lot of my time. I'd also sometimes forget crucial information in my rush to get the e-mail answered.
Now I save time and aggravation using the signatures feature in Outlook! I have a signature for all of the frequently used e-mails that I get. I composed them once and use them all the time! It saves me time, frustration, and also ensures consistency among the people requesting information.

For step by step directions on how to use this feature in Outlook, please see the video below.

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