Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feedler for Keeping up with Blogs

This post is courtesy of an email from Shanna Zimmerman.
"I just discovered an iOS app that I'm totally in love with for keeping up on blogs. It is called Feeddler and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. I know there is a lite and a paid version. For some reason I upgraded to paid. I don't remember why or how much it ($4.99) was, sorry. Check it out!"

iPad Insight lists these features of the Feeddler Pro app:
  • Support Google Reader.
  • Cache RSS feeds. 
  • Support sync all subscriptions, and sync subscriptions in a folder/tag. 
  • Smart Sync shortens syncing time. First-time full sync may take some time. 
  • Smart update to determine auto-refresh or read-from-cache for a feed. 
  • Able to star/unstar, like/unlike, share/unshare, mark unread any RSS story. 
  • Able to mark all read for any RSS subscription. 
  • Use built-in browser for full articles and web pages. 
  • Support in-app e-mail sharing. 
  • Support Facebook sharing.
You might want to try the free version of Feeddler before deciding to purchase the pro version.
Thanks so much for sharing, Shanna.

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