Thursday, October 25, 2012

Do not Use Password as your Password!

Recently my Pinterest account was hacked and "I" started posting unusual items to Pinterest which, in turn, posted to my Facebook page. This brings up the topic of using passwords that are hard to hack. Evidently mine was not. Security software Splashdata recently released its list of the worst or most vulnerable passwords. Unremarkable, the number 1 offender is "password" but included in the list are yjesus", "ninja" and "querty".

According to a ZDNet article, "research from Norton indicates that nearly half of Internet users do not use a complex password", making them vulnerable to attack. They say to avoid using passwords that follow a simple pattern or are a word. Also, use some capital letters and some lowercase to deter attacks. Read the rest of the passwords not to use in the article, Top 25 Common, Attackable Passwords.

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