Monday, July 9, 2012


As I read through a magazine with the words "FLIP IT" on the cover, I got so excited about the concepts inside, that I had to share! You've probably heard about "flipping your classroom", but if not, take a few minutes and check into it. There's a ton of information but here are a few sites I liked:

In a nutshell, teachers have discovered that students are often more engaged, more active, and learn more in a flipped classroom environment than in a traditional one. By having students watch videos, read articles, or study on their own time, they can use classroom time for things like group projects, discussions, experiments, or practice work. Imagine actually being able to help them with the math problem they were stuck on?! Or watching them work it out with a peer?!

And the super cool part of this concept? It totally embraces UDL (Universal Design for Learning)! Many of our students need a little more time to process or digest the information, or watch the video/read the material/etc. multiple times, taking as much time as they need. How great is that?  If you decide you're ready to FLIP, let us know! We'd be happy to help and cheer you on!

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