Thursday, June 14, 2012


Butler Online now uses ANGEL 8! Besides being able to use Safari and Google Chrome, it has a few new features that will make class management a bit smoother.

One of them is a change in the Dropbox. Remember, assessments have an Access tab which allows students to click on assessment and see instructions, and Interaction tab which allows the assessment to be taken.

The Dropbox now has an Access tab and a Submission tab, that act in a similar manner. The advantage here is that students can see instructions you provide by clicking on the Access tab, but cannot make submissions except within the designated time period. By default the dates are displayed and red text states that Submissions are not being accepted at this time, if the dropbox is closed.

Personally, I always have the Access open on both assessments and dropboxes, so that students can have an idea of what to expect, and to allow review (in the case of assessments)

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