Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How will you Grade my Work?

I wanted to share a resource I started providing for my students this semester (see the table below). I did this initially to address QM Standards but have really been surprised at the positive student response.  In a general "How is it Going?" survey 85% of students mentioned in the additional comments question how much they like this tool. When I forgot to add it one week I received several emails asking for it.

Week 02 Assignments Point Structure
Assignment Points
02 Discussion 10
02 Project 1 Reflection
02 Skype Address Dropbox
02 File Heirachy Jing


Anon said...

Did you make it yourself, or is there a nifty tool out there?

lwapelhorst said...

I created it but it is just a simple table. Should be pretty easy for you.