Friday, November 11, 2011

A Reader's Guide

Many of us assign chapters out of the course book and cross our fingers hoping that our students will actually open the book. I have given weekly quizzes over the chapters, and with a traditional f2f class reviewed the material at the start of class hoping that this will encourage them to read the book. This however, has never quite satisfied me. I still get the feeling, in both my online and f2f classes, that they just don't READ!

Faculty Focus recently published an article by Tiffany F. Culver, Ph.D, on how to help students read the chapter, organize their thoughts, and better comprehend what they are reading. To accomplish this, Culver developed a Reader's Guide, which is also available in PDF format for printing purposes. Culver's Reader's Guide is pretty extensive, so you could modify the guide to make it more relevant for your own class.

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Catherine Zoerb said...

I have this in my Intro to Lit class, and it really DOES seem to help them.