Friday, November 18, 2011

Easily Create your own Graphics

This post is from Elizabeth Luzar, Butler nursing instructor. Thanks for the valuable tips, Elizabeth.

"I follow the Articulate blog --- not so much for Articulate itself, but Tom has some great ideas to make e-learning tutorials better.

One of the big things I have learned from his blog is about graphics.  Yesterday I made two graphics (each took about 20 minutes) to illustrate some pharmacokinetics concepts. 
I did them in PowerPoint.  I made a slide with what I wanted the graphic to look like, grouped it and then saved it as a picture (jpg) that I could import into my ANGEL page". 

This is the graphic Elizabeth created:

"The specific blog is: . Scroll down to Customize Clip Art to Meet your Needs.  There are 3 links after his discussion that take you to previous blog entries to show you how to do it".  

 I decided Elizabeth didn't get to have all the fun so I made the graphic on the left to demonstrate just how some of our students might be feeling about now.

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Susan Breault said...

Thanks for sharing this, Lizbeth. Sue B Nursing