Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Acrobat Pro 10 can be your hero

One of the biggest complaints I have heard about PDF files is the inability to edit. Regardless how many times, users are told to save the original Word or Excel file to edit at a later time, that original always seems to get lost.

There have been converters pop up over the years, but I have never heard of any really working to folks' liking. Of course, you can always copy and paste the text for an ungainly unformatted look into a document. Desperate but ugly.

Now, Acrobat Pro 10 has added that ability to convert a PDF to Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), and it seems to work. At least better than previous external applications (both free and paid). My recent sample attempt did not bring over math symbols, but the overall formatting in the new Word document looked pretty darned good.

With so many programs now able to convert their files to PDF, the purchase of Acrobat has become less attractive in the last few years. This latest feature, however, could be worth taking another look.

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