Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social Media Study

Faculty Focus recently published a study about how higher education faculty are using social media in their classrooms. If you use Facebook or Twitter, this study will surprise you. You can sign up for the Faculty Focus newsletter for free, and then download the document for free.


CS Logsdon said...

This is an interesting document, I know that we are moving more and more into the world where everyone knows everything about you, but to see it moving into higher education and being used by the faculty is a little much for me. This screams unprofessional ism and seems to be demeaning to higher education. Facebook in my opinion has no place in higher education. Christopher Logsdon

cryingcomposer said...

Wow that surprises me! It seems like our society is moving more and more into littler and littler privacy. I think that educators have to be very very careful in how they use social networking sites. I can see that there would some benefits ot it, but there are also downsides. Any educator who has such a site needs to be careful as to what they post in public and what they say.