Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PowerPoint into iSpring

We recently updated the LOR to make the iSpring instructions reflect the newest version of iSpring. While we did it, I also wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone knows the value of iSpring. So, for those of you that are unsure, this is for you!

In looking over many great online class syllabi, I noticed many instructors linking valuable information, terminology, or reference material in a PowerPoint slideshow for their students to watch. However, unless you specifically include PowerPoint as a required software for your class, you may want to consider converting your PowerPoints to iSpring. iSpring is free, UDL compliant, and viewable by anyone. And (here's the great part), you can import it as a SCORM, which means you can tie it to your gradebook and give points for watching it! Wahoo! You can require they pause on each slide X seconds, and do so on a certain number of slides. Then, once they meet your requirements, bam, they get X points in your gradebook! Visit the Online Instructors LOR for instructions (we've made it its own section because there's so much great juicy information), or of course, feel free to call your course manager.

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