Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google Docs Videos

Google recently announced that you can now add captioning to your Google Docs videos and embed the video in your Google Site.

I usually store my videos and add captioning via YouTube, which Google also happens to own, so I was wondering what the advantage could be to using Google Docs for this process. To test this out, I tried uploading a video to my Google Site from my Google Docs repository.

First, I added my video to my Google Docs account, and found that the captioning feature is actually easier to use than the YouTube captioning feature. I then uploaded my video to one of my google Sites, and it worked great! The product is pictured above.

The biggest advantage I see to storing your videos at Google Docs, rather than YouTube, is that Google Docs is not searchable like YouTube. Another advantage is that you can store the captioning text file AND the video right there, whereas with YouTube you can only store videos.

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