Tuesday, May 17, 2011


SnackTools is a site that includes several tool for very quick online content creation. Once you register at SnackTools all of the tools listed below are available to you.

PhotoSnack, allows you to create an photo slideshow. I added several of the photos we have collected and created an IT Department PhotoSnack. There are several templates from which to choose.

TubeSnack is a great tool that is quick and easy to use. I was working with an instructor who wanted to include the 10 videos below in his course. Instead of embedding each we went to TubeSnack, created a new playlist, and pasted in the YouTube URL for each video. When we clicked Finish the embed code was available. The resulting product allows students to view each video from one link and easily navigate to the video(s) they wish to see. Check out the sample:

Another app is BannerSnack. View the video below to get an idea of the possibilities with BannerSnack.

The free SnackTools apps include:
BannerSnack - A high-quality app for creating professional looking flash banners.
PhotoSnack - A professional photo slideshow creator with a variety of attractive templates to choose from.
PodSnack - An online app that allows users to build audio players and playlists for websites.
TubeSnack - A video playlist creator which makes it easy for web users to share and embed video playlists.
QuizSnack - A very easy and fun to use online poll & survey tool.
FlipSnack - A stylish way to create and share PDFs as flipping books.

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