Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have you ever wanted to create your own short movie for your class? One of the available services for this is, which is where I found the program to create this brief movie about how to NOT interview for a job.

You can download the basic version of Xtranormal for free, and you are given 300 free points to purchase settings and characters for your movie. I used my full 300 points purchasing the office setting and my two characters. Xtranormal is very easy to use and it is fun to add in gestures, movements, and facial expressions.

Also, to make the movie ADA compliant and more UDL friendly, I added captioning through YouTube, which is available on all new videos. You just have to type your script in Notepad, upload it with your video to YouTube, and YouTube will sync the text with the audio.

So, I made this movie for free, it is ADA compliant, AND I can use it again and again in my classes!

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Meg McGranaghan said...

That was hysterical!!! I think it is cool that he spends so much time chatting with his friends on fb...and wow, he can text 35 wpm. We want him...we need him!