Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Text Fixer

Text Fixer is a free online tool that converts the contents of a doc or docx file to HTML code, producing a much cleaner html code than Word. The converter strips many unnecessary styles and extra mark-up codes which, in turn, produces cleaner, easily editable pages in ANGEL. Text Fixer does not preserve images but it does preserve links and other basic formatting like bolding, bullets, tables, etc. in the conversion process.

  1. Copy the text from your Word document

  2. Paste the code into the Word-to-html-Converter

  3. Click the Convert Word to HTML button and Text Fixer will produce the clean code

  4. Copy the code

  5. Click Settings on your ANGEL page

  6. Click the Source icon in the tools at the top of the HTML editor

  7. Paste the copied code in the Source of your ANGEL page

  8. Click the Source icon again

  9. Save

Voila, you have a clean ANGEL page. The page will look better and be much easier to edit than if copied directly from Word.


O'Hair said...

It is awesome to have this information! Often times I have tried to convert, but have had problems getting it to look the same in both places. Thanks!

rgriffith said...

I tried but I don't know if I got it right.

Catherine Zoerb said...

This is AWESOME!