Friday, January 14, 2011

Obsessed with Facebook?

Do you ever wonder if your students are really using Facebook?

If you do, look at these new statistics from and Once you have perused these statistics, you may come to the conclusion that Facebook is here to stay and if used professionally, could be a great learning tool for your students.

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Sonja Sommers-Milbourn said...

I accept friend requests from both past and current students of mine. From my perspective, it's a contemporary version of being 'seen' out in public by my students when we run into each other at a restaurant, etc. We might stop and visit (FB chat)...or merely 'wave hello' (accept the friend request. End of communication)...or post a comment on one another's wall (a card in the mail). I limit all of it to casual conversation (with current students) and only respond to course related questions, etc. in Pipeline. My experiences have been somewhat neutral,at this point. I don't see a huge advantage OR disadvantage. It
Another way that many students might enjoy engaging in their college experience with their instructors.