Monday, September 27, 2010

Most Important Question on Syllabus Quiz

About two weeks ago I sent out a call for the most important question you post on a syllabus quiz. Boy, were we surprised! And it generated some lively discussion here in the Butler Online office in El Dorado. So here are the responses we received so far. Maybe they will generate some ideas for you as well
What is the most useful question that you put in your syllabus quiz?
Have you purchased your book(s) for class yet? ~Sonja M.
What days are assignments/tests due? ~Vicki L.
What time are assignments/tests due? ~Vicki L.
What day/time are assignments due for this class? ~Lisa P.
What is the late-assignment policy in this class? ~Sheryl L.
Who do you contact if you have a technology-related question during this course ~Mark D.
How many points are discussions worth? ~Jared M.
What is your instructor's email address? ~Marj H.
What percentage must I attain to earn a B in this class? ~Theresa J.
What is the minimum score you must receive on the final exam ... to pass this class? ~Bethany C.
What happens if you have a late assignment? ~Elizabeth L.
When emailing the instructor, what goes first into the “subject” line? ~Ron G.

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