Thursday, June 24, 2010

Allowing Students to Share Documents in ANGEL 7.4

Did you know?
You can allow students to share documents as a small team or as the entire class on the Students team? This is a great feature in ANGEL. Students can upload a file such as a Word document and everyone on the team can access it. To edit a file, students would need to download and rename the file, make changes, and upload it again.

However, if students add Content and create a new ANGEL page, everyone with team access can view and edit the page. This would make for some truly interactive collaboration on projects.

Click  for Instructions to set-up file sharing in ANGEL.

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Teri said...

Creating Team Directories in ANGEL is another way you can have a separate directory for each student, too. Just assign only one student per team. I use this feature to give my students a "home" directory for their assignments and so they can build their own web pages. You can then create links in the Communicate tab to each student's home page so others in the class can view their Web pages. Teri