Monday, May 3, 2010

Google Search Stories

I have been reading about Google Search Stories for the past few weeks but I did not post this new Google service because I am not really sure what the implications are for education. Google Search Stories allows you to quickly create a visual of your Google search - complete with music. In one of the blogs I read, Mike Fisher states:
There are a LOAD of educational implications for this:

  • Here is a new way to add an enhanced component to digital storytelling.

  • This would be a great discussion starter about a topic or even the specific words needed to get the specific visuals you intend to tell the specific story you intended to tell.

  • Is another example of VISUAL searching, adding a layer of interactivity and ending up with an educational product of value. Think Robert Marzano's "Nonlinguistic Representations" or Jason Ohler's reasons for using Digital Storytelling in the Classroom as outlined in his book. The visual is VERY important to learning and engagement!

  • This could be used to create "ADS" or "DIGITAL COMMERCIALS" for content.

  • This gives students many options for interacting with content in several ways.

  • It's FUN! It's MOTIVATING! It's ENGAGING! (I talk a lot in workshops about creating "Learning Events" rather than "Lesson Plans." This is an opportunity for just that!)

  • It's simple to use and requires only the knowledge of being able to type and click a couple of choices. No Learning Curve!
Below is a Search Story I created about Butler. You might also find this Butterfly Search Story interesting. Please add ideas for using Search Stories in education as a comment to this post.

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